Tags or Categories

Since quite some time I have a small problem: I always fight with myself about in what category/categories I should put every single post I make here. Now that I’m using Flickr for more than a week now and also have been using del.icio.us for quite some time I’ve become more and more used to tag photos/links/whatever instead of putting them into categories. I’ve already integrated (and stopped using :-? ) technorati tags a few months ago … But hey, why did I stop using them? Quite simple: They had no real use to me since I already have categories and I’m far too lazy to enter everything twice ;-)

After using tagging based services for some time now I’m currently thinking about removing the categories here as well and replace them with tags. The problem here is, that I don’t want to only replace categories with tags but also to emulate the query-functionality available for example on del.icio.us. There you can do for example this:


I’m currently not even sure if and how I will realize this. Step one for me is “tags” and step … ok, let’s call it n+1 would be quite query functionality.

While adding technorati tags I also wrote a small script that queries the list of tags used and displays them in that stylish way we all learned to …. love or hate g This interface currently only operates on the technorati tags but I will probably start to use it in the future also for my own tags (which I will somehow merge with the technorati tags I’ve previously used here). The biggest problem I see for this migration is not to touch the core of WordPress to get this done.

As can be seen in my own tags-site listed below I’ve written my own query to get all posts that had the specified tag. But I want more: I want that the category-listing of WP is used for this. Since I’ve currently only limited time during the week I will probably start with this this weekend (since I can’t add my feed to feedburner I even have more time this weekend g). I’m really curious how hard this will be :-)

Some examples: