Horst Gutmann

Software Developer & OpenSource/FreeSoftware Enthusiast

Photo of Horst Gutmann I’m a software developer from Graz, Austria, where I’m currently working for Netconomy Software & Consulting GmbH. While I started there as a Java developer working on hybris-based e-commerce solutions, after a couple of years I moved over to more frontendy grounds where I did projects with Sencha touch and ReactJS. Right now I’m working on our internal tools, services and frameworks πŸ˜ƒ

Before that I studied Computer Science at the University of Klagenfurt.

In my spare I help organising GoGraz (Go Usergroup Graz). Previously, I was the organiser of the local Python user-group in Graz, PyGraz. Outside of these two languages I’m also trying to get into Rust right now and enjoy getting to know new technologies and helping out in the opensource/free software community whenever I get the chance.

Oh, and I really love attending conferences πŸ˜‰



Here I write as often as possible about various topics. The focus is usually around various technologies and development workflows but I might add the odd book review and other posts from time to time.

You can contact me via e-mail. If you want to do that in an encrypted way, my key's fingerprint (for this key) is the following:
C4E0 2BA8 4048 3A5D 6B76 1607 6F20 3F0D 220F 8E98