Here you can find notes about things I discover or learn but are not (yet) worth a full-length post.

Similar to there is also a page for calendar-based versioning or CalVer. Unlike that other page this one does not provide a clear recommendation or specification but focuses on how other projects are using dates in their versioning strategy.

I personally especially like those little shield-badges that show what part of a version is used for the date and what for other elements!

Turns out that page has been there for a long time but I simply didn’t know about it 😅

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Replying to Nichelle Nichols is dead (…)

Actress Nichelle Nichols—who made history with her portrayal of Nyota Uhura on Star Trek: The Original Series—died Saturday, July 30, at the age of 89. Her son Kyle Johnson announced Nichols’ passing on her official Instagram account, saying his mother had died of natural causes.

Thank you for all your hard work 😢

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Today, the Prime Minister of the UK has finally pulled the plug and resigned … at least as head of the Conservative Party and has also announced that there won’t be any new policies until a successor has been found. Will that change the country and perhaps also somehow act more cooperatively regarding the agreement with the EU about Brexit? No idea but, honestly, I doubt it.

For the time being, I’m enjoying the commentary by @Number10cat and the tunes associated with political crisis in the UK

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Replying to Chaos Communication Congress is back! (…)

While I absolutely love that there’s going to be another physical CCC this year, I had hoped it would still be in Leipzig. I had lots of fun in Hamburg at the CCH but Leipzig allowed the event to be much more open and less overcrowded. Not that this is going to stop me from getting a ticket and having some fun during the winter holidays 😅

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The local Media Markt right now has a pre-order list where you pay €300 upfront and then get a bundle including Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 for €658 this month! I thought for not even a second and just pre-ordered it! This is still a bit of a premium price since I could get both games cheaper right now (and I actually don’t care about GT7) but I’m just too happy that my long wait might eventually be over in 2-3 weeks 😍

I guess I should now finalise the list of stuff I want to get right away with my shiny new PS5 🤪

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After updating tmux and zsh last week, I started to see some weird errors like the one below:

❯ git log
WARNING: terminal is not fully functional
Press RETURN to continue

This seems to be caused by /usr/bin/less using an old ncurses version which lacks some color profiles. To fix this I’ve now installed less from Homebrew and configured Git to use that instead

brew install less
git config --global core.pager "/usr/local/bin/less -FX"

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