2020-05-25 // re-niche-blog-bad-idea

Replying to Re: Was Creating A Dedicated Niche Blog A Bad Idea? (kevq.uk…)

In the past I also started separated blogs for specific topics. Just one example: I love travelling and so I thought it might be worth putting all my travel posts into a single place. Turns out, the exact same thing you’ve mentioned happened: All of a sudden I had to divide my attention between two places to post content on. Where should my posts about visiting conferences go to? Are they travel or are they technical? Well, they are both.

In your case, the situation is slightly different, though, as you want to also have collaborators here and ideally also get some money out of it. IMO you should make your decision depend on how important those two aspects are for you. If you want collaborators then keep the meta blog! Also, it might be worth setting yourself a timeline: Let’s say you give the whole idea 6 months before you re-evaluate. This way, you don’t spend time thinking about whether or not to keep it for a certain time and only then decide if you want to proceed or stop with it πŸ™‚

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