2022-03-06 // watched-the-year-earth-changed

Last Friday, after watching a bit of “Foundation” I browsed a little further through AppleTV+’s catalog and found a documentary that had been on my list but which I had simply forgotten: David Attenborough’s “The Year Earth Changed” (trailer on YouTube). In around 45 minutes I learnt about some of the things that changed in nature during the first 12 months of the various lockdowns throughout the world, from Pinguins in South Africa being able to feed their chicks all of a sudden multiple times a day because they didn’t have to avoid beaches due to tourists to Humpback Whales communicating with others over longer distances due to the lack of cruisers entering their habitat. Combined with just gorgeous visuals it was just a great show!

If you have an iOS/iPadOS device you probably have a trial code for AppleTV+ lying around somewhere. Do yourself a favor and use it … for this and obviously Ted Lasso πŸ˜„

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