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Wired has a quite detailed account on the “storming” of a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) by multiple Republical house representatives. Politics, no matter where you look, makes the most chaotic kindergarden look like paradise nowadays.

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This morning was probably the best advertising for biking in Graz one could imagine. Due to a technical difficulty one of the tunnels around Graz, the Plabutschtunnel, was closed and all major roads in the South and West of the city were basically congested. There was a traffic jam from South of Zentralfriedhof all the way up to the main railway station (~ 3.8km). The bike lanes were empty 😉

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Replying to…

Habt Geduld. Übt solidarische Kritik. Zettelt selber wirksame Proteste an.

Aber kommt verdammt nochmal klar. Die Gegner stehen wirklich woanders.

Ich glaube, da gibt’s nicht viel mehr dazu zu sagen. Jede “junge” Bewegung macht anfangs Fehler.

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