SSX3 vs. 1080 Avalanche

First of all: I’m new to snowboard games so please don’t expect any comparisons with games prior to those two ;-)

I played SSX3 on the PS2 now for about 2 weeks and got the new 1080 for the NGC today. First I was quite impressed by the intro of 1080 but not less by the one of SSX.

Then I played my first few races in 1080 and somehow there is something missing… Ok, the first races aren’t that hard to win, but a small training possibility would have been nice. Sure, you can explore every track in the TimeAttack mode, but it still doesn’t give you the same feeling as getting down from the top of the peek to the first station in SSX3. Somehow the whole thing doesn’t really feel right that way. You start immediately with the race. No going to the shop (ok, you can select one out of 3 boards (where two are locked) for every boarder, but there seems to be no shop or something like that to simply buy some hats or something) , no going to the starting point of the race. The whole game at least after the first few hours of playing gives me just the feeling of hopping from one event to enough but with nothing in between. There also seems to be no dj/moderator while going down the track. Would have been fun IMO :-) Ok, there is also none during the races in SSX3, but as there is one between that races, something is simply missing for me :-)

The next morning *g* Ok, I played it now for some hours again and it was quite good fun, but I still think that SSX3 is better than 1080avalanche.

So basically I’ll have to say, that if you don’t have SSX3 yet , get that one first ;-)

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I now also corrected the announcement images. Some others to be done in the near future :-)

P.S.: As you might have noticed, this is my first weblog entry and I hope there will be more to come :-) They will also appear in the near feature on as starting page sorted by date, while in the forum they will be sorted by the last update (date of the last reply). If this whole entries doesn’t make too much sense: Sorry. I need more sleep ;-)