S.D. Perry's "Unity" (Part 1)

First of all: This will probably only interest StarTrek-fans as this weblog entry will be around S.D. Perry’s latest addition to the DeepSpaceNine universe.

With some months of delay “Unity” finally was released a few weeks ago and I got it as soon as possible. It marks the latest book of the post-TV-series timeline of DS9 and is therefor esp. interesting if you know at least the 6th and 7th season of DS9.

I won’t give a spoiler here, so everyone interested in buying this book can be sure that s/he won’t miss anything after reading this and then the book :-P

I’m now somewhere around the middle of the book and it’s nothing but thrilling :-) If you’ve read the last book of the series you’ll probably know what will happen in this book ;-) Chaos, mysteries and again a lot about the religious and political situation on Bajor. But I have the impression that the situation at hand within the Federation is the focus of the first half of the book. Some aspects of the threat are cleared up, esp. some historical ones and you get to know more about the Trill and their way or un-way of interacting with other species :-P You’ll also notice some strange new couples ;-) so everyone that is on the edge of buying or not-buying this book: Buy it. It’s quite expensive (and only available hardcovered :-( ) but it’s definitely worth the money :-)


I have noticed some tables lying around here ;-) Got to get rid of them when I have some time again, but first I’ll have to do some homework :-?