Unity (Part 2)

Yesterday night I finished “Unity” and it was great At least for me nearly every mystery of the original TV-series was cleared up, but now new ones are there to be solved. Also who Wex is is cleared up which was at least for me quite a surprise.

The seconds half of the book offers more action but also more psychology. IMO it is a very good mix so my statement from part 1 stays: Buy it ;-)


Again one table removed ;-)

1080 Avalanche

If you’ve bought the game and are not really motivated to play it at least to the final challenge of the Expert-Races: Do it. The final challenge is alone worth nearly 20? of what you paid for the game :-)

Still the stunt mode sucks IMO. The camera even when you set it to “way behind you” it’s still to close to the player so you can’t often really say how far you’re above the ground which esp. gets quite annoying in the half-pipe. :-?

I now changed the theme of the gallery to make it more zs.com-compatible ;-) If I have some time in the evening I will perhaps also add a description feature so that every image and every gallery can have a small description attached :-)