Some luck

On our weekly shopping tour where I wanted to get at least one game anyway something quite funny happened. While having a quite intense eye-contact with the PS2-version of Prince of Persia I noticed Beyond good and evil lying right next to it. When I first saw the price I thought “Can’t be” and checked it again… 29.90EUR :D

OK, now I will have something for the last days of my winter vacations :D It’s quite a funny game but some things start to get on my nerves… or one thing but this quite intense: The German synchronization. The whole story is IMO very interesting and all of that, but somehow whoever made the synchronization must have been veeeery bored. Besides that the game is really well done. Nice story, nice gameplay and very short loading-times. Overall I think I will have a nice time.

Tonight I also ordered two Ayumi Hamasaki-CDs from :-) I really hope that they’ll arrive before my vacations end :-?