Excellent music

Two days ago I finally got my two Ayumi Hamasaki CDs from YesAsia.com and both are really great.

  • I am: Released in 2002 it includes at least one song I know that was released also in Europe ("Connected"). It also includes "Dearest" which is part of the InuYasha-Soundtrack. For those among you that don't know InuYasha: That's an anime series (InuYasha@dmoz). It's a quite rocky album but also offers some slow tunes like "Endless sorrow"
  • Memorial address: Her current album released last December. It only includes 8 songs, but that's enough if there is also something like the "Angel's song" or "Because of you" among them :-)

    There is also an edition available that includes a DVD. On this one you get the music videos for 7 of the 8 songs (“Memorial address” itself got now video :-( )

After listening to these two CDs all day long (quite simple when you’re ill g ) I’m quite sure, that I will also order most of her other CDs (most because of the cost-factor :-( ).