Bad Luck :-?

I must be definitely on a list of someone out there with the power to destroy all my hardware ;-) About a month ago my primary harddrive died thanks to enough bad blocks to make it look like cheese. And now, right when I thought “Ey, perhaps I could really buy that nice little MP3/CD portable player from Panasonic”, my CD-burner has to die too :-(

At least I still have the burner in my notebook, but always having to move files before being able to burn anything really sucks ;-)

Perhaps someone out there has some recommendations on what DVD-burner I should get. I’m currently thinking about buying a NEC ND-2500A for 128EUR as the new Pioneer drive will be released AFAIK in March which is way to far away for me.

Btw.: If anybody knows a store in Austria that offers this portable MP3/CD player for < 190EUR, please let me know :-)


OK, *g*, it seems like cdrecord lost it’s +s and so I got buffer-underruns all the way :-) No DVD-burner for me now, but at least I’ll have enough money for the SL-CT800 ;-)