Sony D-NE 1

As the title already indicates I haven’t bought Panasonic’s CDDA/MP3-Portable but one by Sony. I won’t go into much detail here because I really like Panasonic, but a little bit more and faster support for European customers would be really nice ;-)

But now to the D-NE1: Really a nice player. It comes with a docking station , 2 rechargeable batteries, a remote control with display, a small bag and earphones. On some webpages I saw pictures of it with some really old- and cheap-looking headphones but Sony seems to have read some product reviews and/or customer feedback and replaced them (I haven’t tested them not yet though as I already have Sony earphones with bass-booster ;-) )

It also comes with a burning software to create AtracCDs, something that I’m not really interested in, so I probably won’t ever use it. All I need is a portable CDDA/MP3-player, and not one for CDDA, MP3 and Atrac :-P

According to Sony the playtime with the re-chargeables is great, which is something I have to find out in the next weeks :-)

The sound is really nice and clean and the load times between every song aren’t that long. After inserting a new CD (mp3) you have to wait for at least 20 sec. tough, as the player seems to scan all tracks.