Just some testing

WordPress buttonOK, this is my first post to this blog and I really hope it won’t be the last ;-) Basically, this whole WordPress is just a testing ground for now. Perhaps it will become my real blog, perhaps not.

In the last few hours I have played around with WordPress. Don’t ask me why. I was just motivated to try something new… at least for me ;-)

What I’ve seen so far has quite impressed me. OK, a weblog isn’t a full CMS IMO but after playing around with Typo3 a few months back I don’t really care. What I’ve wanted was a simple way to publish my thoughts on some things, no matter if anybody is interested on or. It’s just to let off some steam ;-) For everything longer I’ll use DocBook or some other probably XML based publishing method.

For now, this blog will be available under http://www.zerokspot.com/blog/ and http://blog.zerokspot.com . As I’ve already mentioned above: In the end this could become my main log. For now it is perhaps just a little more than a playground for me.

I’ll also port all the entries from board’s weblog to this one, so that you can also use the calendar-navigation for the old entries.

Ah, before I forget it: If you have problems viewing this blog with any of your browsers, please contact me (forum, comments, mail, whatever :-) )