Van Helsing

I’ve just come back from the cinema where Wuzzn and I watched Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman. It’s really a nice movie with some (at least for me) new ideas for the whole Dracula/Vampire scenario (I won’t give any details, otherwise I’d have to mark this entry as Spoiler ;-) ).

Although this movie is from the same producer as The Mummy it is by far not as funny as the adventures about the toilet paper monster(s). Only Helsing as sometimes a funny saying or two but that’s it. The action definitely dominates the movie. The special effects are nice and the locations look well constructed.

Also Van Helsing’s antagonist Count Dracula , played by Richard Roxburgh, is very stylish. Overall the cast of the movie is good as is IMO the script. Only Dracula’s wives got on my nerves all the time. I mean, come on, mighty beings like Vampires that are in direct connection with the mightiest of their kind but still act like 5 year olds? Well, they’ve got to live with that *g*

I think, who liked the two Mummy-movies will probably also like Van Helsing. Here you get everything just now in Transilvania: automatic crossbows, instant stakes, nice girls (yeah, this time more than just one g) and so on. Okay, Van Helsing isn’t as funny as any of the two Mummies or the Scorpion King but this time the action and the animations/effects are better.