My new camera

Today I’ve got my new Minolta/Konica DiMAGE Xg which is also my first digital camera. It has “only 3.2MPixel” but this is more than enough for what I need it. The only problem is, that it only comes with a 16MB SD-Cards but I’ll fix this problem in a few days with a 128MB one :-)

UniLogoSome of the first pictures I’ve made with it are also used on this log in the university section where I’ve merged them to one banner. The right part is a spinning logo on the north-west end of my University. This shot was made from inside a friends car while driving to the next McD ;-)

Office viewThe background of the banner is a part of the view we have in our so-called “office” ;-) Basically a place for people who are working on some software projects.