Firefox 0.9 & Flash (Linux)

After some days I’ve now finally got MozillaFirefox to display Flash content. A big “Thank you” to cappaberra on this occasion. There where probably some pieces of an old Flashblocker-Extension or something still flying around in my profile that blocked the flash plugin. Here now a short guide on how to install the flash plugin for those who also have this problem.

  1. Download the Flash plugin from and extract it.
  2. There should now be a new folder which contains aflashplayer.xpt and a Put the into Firefox's plugins/ folder and the other file into components/ folder.
  3. Now comes the step where I previously failed: In your profile's folder there should be a chrome/ and an extensions/ folder that are used for storing extensions et al. The simplest way would be to delete these two folders and then reinstall your extensions :-)