Exams, stress & CDDAs ...

Piuh, just a short update from my side mainly about my inactivity here and on phpbb.com. The short version: exams and stress ;-)

on is … well, a little bit longer ;-) About 2 weeks before the summer vacation (or what’s left after all of this) I have currently to learn for 4 exams and 3 presentations (+ at least one additional exam if I dare to take it ;-) ). Add 3 software projects that are directly linked to those 3 presentations up there. Sounds like stress? Well it is. So I’ll probably not have enough time for my “online life” the next (or the next 2) week(s).

But there are also some good things happening here ;-) Today I bought the new Beastie Boys LP. Was quite cheap so I took the chance and … it’s really a great LP. Ok, it’s my first of the Beasties but I really like it. Needed something different from all this new-school hip-hop I’ve lying around here. The beats are really nice and … Let’s see how long these songs stay in my playlist :-)

Wait a sec. The title says something about CDDAs. Yeah, a store here in the vicinity currently has dumped the prices for some KoRn-CDs and also some other CDs. So I also bought KoRn’s “Take a look in the mirror” LP from last year, but hadn’t really enough time yet to listen to it :-(