Some updates

Okay, today I got an ATI Radeon 9200SE as a weekend-replacement for my overheated GeForce 2 GTS (Tnx to Stephan) and after about an hour of trying to get DRI working it also got at least about 1000FPS in glxgears but ... then I updated the drivers to version 3.9.0 and suddenly I only get ~680FPS. Strange but thanks to this I could more or less make up my mind about to or not to buy a new low-budget card by NVidia ;-) I'm currently thinking about a GeForce 4 TI 4200 or a GeForce 5 FX5200 (at least something <= 80҂¬ ) because I don't really need a highend graca for an AMD Athlon TB 1200 ;-) If anyone has some recommendations in this price region, please let me know :-)