Finally, Starfox Adventures finished

Well, finally and once again a game finished :D This time I invested my spare time in the last game of RARE for the Nintedo Gamecube: Starfox Adventures.

Originally, I bought this game IIRC just a month or so after it was released in Europe 2002. It was kinda new expierence for me to buy and play and adventure but hey, I'm not really closed-minded ;-) So after getting to around 30% of the game I somehow lost interest in it and put it into my gamescollection corner (actually a shelf than a corner but... nevermind).

Now, about one and a half year later motivated by finishing Jak & Daxter and getting in Ratchet & Clank up to the last stage I picked Starfox Adventures from the shelf again and started

playing it once again but this time with the intention to finish it ;-)

You can read my full "review" on :-)