Got burned

Burnout3 PackshotHehe, today I finally got my hands on Burnout 3 for the XBox. The game was released 2 days back in the USA and today here in Austria. To bad that the PS2 version was delayed until next week but anyway: Here it is :-) After some hours of playing I still really like it. For me it's like a mixture of Burnout 2 and SSX3 because of the whole EA flair ... well, the EA flair was definitely better in SSX3 ;-) Somehow the soundtrack isn't really that great (good that there is the possibility to get a custom soundtrack on the XBox) and the DJ is ... ok, he's fun but if you have to here his comments for the 3rd time in a row (!!!): No tnx.

If I find some time I'll probably write a detailed review on :-) Stay tuned.