"Web Tutorials" by Peter L. Kantor

Well, you perhaps know this problem: Someone asking you some basic questions about HTML or things like that and you don't simply want to give him/her a simple answer but also perhaps a good site where he/she can look for more details on that problem/topic. Sure, you don't want to send this perhaps just to the w3c-specifications but where else? w3schools? IMO w3schools offers some really nice tutorials but at least for me they are not really good structured and also quite confusing. In german there is a project called SelfHTML which should answer nearly all questions that could come up with HTML, CSS or JavaScript but until yesterday I failed to find a comparable site in english.

But the time of searching is over ;-) Yesterday I found a really nice site by Peter L. Kantor that offers a really nice collections of tutorials about XHTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. :-) Check it out:
http://academ.hvcc.edu/~kantopet/index.php http://www.daaq.net/old/