RSS-Readers: Online vs. Offline

I’m currently in a small dilemma. I really love to read all the news I’m interested in through one centralized interface so I’m interested in RSS readers. For this reason I started using Liferea a few month ago and I really like it. It’s small, it’s simple and I can read the news I downloaded the last time I was online also offline … not that I’m offline often though. But offline readers have a big disadvantage for me: I always have to explizitly synchronize my feed lists between my laptop and my desktop at home. Not an ideal solution for me so I have basically two options to solve this for me:

  1. Writing some small scripts that for example synchronizes the feedlist every few hours with a central repository for example on my webserver.

  2. Use an online RSS reader

As I currently don’t have much time for the first solution I decided to go with the online RSS readers. For now I’ve only tested and Esp. bloglines seems to be like a really decent solution and offers basically everything I need: A quick overview what is new in a nice filemanager-like layout. Gregaire looks also quite decent but I’m really missing some layout options. Sure, you can configure which feeds should appear on the start page but for example you cannot define how old those news are allowed to be (at least I’ve not found this option yet). So the start page is way too stuffed.

So for now I’m using bloglines for all my RSS reading. Thanks to the Firefox plugins available here it’s also very easy to add new feeds to your “watchlist”. Simply use the LiveBookmark button and within a second everything is done.

This doesn’t mean that I stop using my.gregaire though. I really like it’s general and very simple interface and I think it will just take some time until it can compete with bloglines :-)

If you know any additional online RSS readers out there, please let me know :-)