Dan Cederholm's "Web Standards Solutions"

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I was once again in the mood to read some books so I started browing the listings on amazon.de yesterday evening but didn’t really find anything (except perhaps 2 StarTrek:Enterprise books). Then I thought: It would be nice to read a technical book again.

So today I noticed that Dan Cederholm’s book “Web Standards Solutions” is now awailable (after having heard of it a few months back while he was still writing it). Lucky me: amazon.de had one book left so I within 2 minutes (which also includes thinking about what I’m actually doing ;-) ) I had this book ordered :P I just hope it will arrive really soon so that I have something good to read again ;-)

Why did I order this book? Hm…. good question. I honestly don’t really know. This also consumed most of my 2 minutes thinking. I think it was simply because of Jeffrey Zeldman’s comment and because I really like Dan’s work. I also want to learn and much and as fast as possible anything I can find about web development and web design.