New hardware for me on the horizon

As my current PC at home is a little slow for the thing I use it for (compiling, folding@home - in general: working) I plan to spend some money on new hardware. I currently have following stuff in it:

  • AMD Thunderbird 1200MHz

  • Asus A7V Mainboard

  • 768MB SDRAM

  • GeForce Ti5200

  • Soundblaster Live 5.1 Platinum

  • NEC 2500A DVD burner

  • some NEC DVD reader

  • 2 ethernet cards (10/100M)

  • a 120GB HDD

Things I want to get:

If I can’t find a mainboard with an AGP slot I will perhaps have to get a PCIe card :-( In this case I will probably get a GeForce 6600 or GeForce 6600 GT with 128MB RAM. I just wish I could keep my old card simply because I don’t intend to use the machine for playing but still don’t want to have to fight with ATI drivers ;-)