AbiWord 2.2 released!

AbiWord 2.2 was released today. To quote the announcement:

Among the new features in AbiWord 2.2 are:

 A MacOSX port

 Tables of contents

 Document history/revisions

 Text frames

 Better support for international scripts and locales

 List folding

 Text wrapping around images

 Faster rendering

 Dashboard integration

 Visual drag and drop 

Since a few weeks I’m now playing with AbiWord as an alternative for the OpenOffice package simply because I don’t need most of those fancy little things most of the big players in the market come with but instead I was looking for a fast, lightweight text processor for simply things like letters, small texts etc. AbiWord looks like the right choice here for me :-) I especially liked the way it seems to handle text formating. When I first entered the formating dialogs I thought: Yeah CSS! ;-)

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