It's mp3/ogg player time again *g*

Once again I want to buy a new MP3/OGG portable player … and this time I won’t skip the OGG part :P Currently I’m heavily considering getting an Cowon iAudio G3 because it has:

  • MP3 and OGG support (OGG up to Q8)

  • 50h of playback with one single AA-battery

  • a small size

  • a radio (not that I would use this all that often)

  • future firmware updates ;-)

I also considered some iRiver players as well as one from Rio (the one with the RJ45-port at it’s back ^_^ ) but somehow I feel better with iAudio players.

Now I just have one single problem: The G3 is not yet available in Europe. According to it will be available at the end of january which is quite a long waiting period for me :-(

An dieser Stelle noch was für alle, die in ߖsterreich (oder noch besser in Kärnten ;-) ) wohnen:

Ich verkaufe meinen Sony D-NE1 Walkman. Für mehr Infos bitte diesem Link folgen:

Warum das nur für Leser aus ߖsterreich gedacht ist? Nunja, mir persönlich ist es lieber, wenn solche Sache persönlich abgewickelt werden, da man damit doch Porto und Bankspesen sparen kann ;-)