My wishlist for Amazon

I think I can really call myself a good Amazon customer. I order nearly every 2 weeks something, be it a book, a CD or something like that. I’m really very happy with Amazon and never had any real problem with them. But this doesn’t mean that I see now way to improve their service(s) :-) So I want to list a few things that I’d really like to see on Amazon (.de) in the next few paragraphs


  • Some kind of bonus system for people who order often. Even something like a nice bookmark with every book-order or something like that.
  • A improved wishlist where items are moved to some kind of invisible list or removed all together after you’ve ordered these items yourself
  • An at least English user interface on all Amazon websites worldwide. Ok, here comes my reason why I want this: I consider Amazon as a trustworthy company and really enjoy shopping on their sites. But something the local Amazon store doesn’t have why I want (like for example Japanese CDs). Now I could search for a Japanese online shop that that also ships to Europe and has an English user interface. I have found 2 shops so far: one in Hong Kong where everything worked without any problem and one where I’m still wating for my CD to arrive :-) offers shipping to Europe (as far as I can tell), but they have no English user interface and no English product information, so I can’t order there.
  • Also deliver (re-)writable media to Austria :-)