Speakeasy releases Mozilla Firefox plugin

Speakeasy - Speakeasys Reputation Soars Among Macintosh Users

Speakeasy (for those who don’t know this company: It’s an ISP ;-) ) has released a plugin for Mozilla Firefox that adds a new menu to the main menu of Firefox including some links including a login link to the customer area as well as quite a few other general bookmarks. The only other change I’ve noticed is a new spinner g

Why do I write about this? Quite simple: I think it’s a quite nice idea to offer your customers a simple way to add “product specific functionality or links” without changing something in the core code of the browser. You can also simply download the “default edition” of Firefox and install the plugin afterwards.

I have not looked in the Extension API of Firefox yet, but I’m quite sure it should be no problem adding some custom bookmarks and perhaps some livebookmarks through plugins to keep your customers up to date about your service :-)

IMO this would be quite interesting not only for ISPs but also for all other (at least) IT companies. The problem here still is: How can the customer trust the content of the plugin? This is something that has to be seen in the future, but Speakeasy makes quite a clever move here :-)

[via PvPonline]