Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Miracle Workers

Cover imageAs my first book of the series I was quite quick by reading this. This book is basically a collection of short stories (which were AFAIK previously published as eBooks) about the crew of the U.S.S. daVinchi, which is part of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

This book’s first adventure is about the U.S.S. Defiant which went missing during the original Star Trek series and about salvage which isn’t really harmless. This store is in my opinion the most thrilling one in this book, especially if you know the original episode. To bad I haven’t read the first part of the story yet which is in the first book (“Have tech, will travel”). But this only seems to be a problem during the first few pages. Also without any knownledge about the happenings in the first part I was very well introduced into all this. Ah, and there are also the Tholian webs out there again :-)

The second store is about the salvation of the fusion core of DS9’s sister-station Empok Nor with Nog as special guest. Nog seems not to be very welcome on this missions and the whole SCE team appears quite arrogant which is why I don’t really like this story all that much. There are also quite a few references to stories from the first book which gave me sometimes a hard time.

The main character in the 3rd story (probably constisting of 2 eBooks) is Commander Gomez who has to do a job in a foreign and misogynical empire. But in the end the whole thing is much more dangerous than just to work with people who can’t stand foreigners or women in leading positions ;-) The most interesting part about this story is IMO the writing style which resembles a logbook.

What I was a little disappointed in was the idea to use the last ~100 sites of the book for some kind of encyclopedia. I’d have prefered an additional story :-)

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