Blade: Trinity

I’m just coming from my first cinema trip for more than 4 months which was caused by the new Blade movie.

I’ve seen all 3 Blade movies now and quite liked all of them simple because I like Wesley Snipes in this role. He was IMO also the best actor in the 3rd movie where he got support from Whislers daughter Abigail (Jessica Biel) and the former “Vampire slave” Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds). The new big boss vampire is Drake (Dominic Purcell).

The movie itself is basically your usual martial arts centered action movie with vampire background. The vampires are as always in the majority but still pose no real threat to our hero Blade (but Humans still seem to be a problem for him …. but no spoiler here ;-) ).

What really disturbed me was, that Drake isn’t really a big part in the whole movie. He appears 4 or 5 times, harms or kills some people and then simply disappears. I honestly haven’t noticed a deeper plot in the whole movie. Good, it’s again about the vampires’ plans to rule/enslave the human race but this isn’t really centered as it was in the first 2 movies. Here it’s all about the fights which are IMO the best in the 3 movies.

If you are looking for a movie with good martial arts scenes and so, then you’ll probably enjoy at least these parts of Blade Trinity. If you’ve more into at least half decent vampire action stories then you should perhaps more consider spending your money on the Underworld DVD.

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