NP_TechnoratiTags 0.2

What is it?

NP_TechnoratiTags is a small playground for me for getting to know the Nucleus Plugin API. It adds a new field to the AddItem and EditItem forms where you can enter Technorati Tags in a space-separated format.

New in this version

  • You can now manipulate the look&feel of the tags through the plugin panel

Planned for the next release

  • Finally some useful database access :P Now the playtime should be over so I'll start to put some useful code into this. Currently there is one db-query per post. I first have to check if and how I can access additional columns through Nucleus itself. If I can do this, there will probably be a database change moving the tags away from the separated table and into a new column of the items table. Let's see :-)


This plugin is not intended to be used on a productive system. It was more or less just a playground for me to get to know the NucleusCMS plugin API so don’t expect to much so no real code optimization or even nice code at all in there :-) This is also the reason why I don’t want to submit this plugin to the NucleusCMS wiki. I also take no responsiblity for data loss or damage on your system ;-) I also had no real chance to test this plugin because I currently don’t have a NucleusCMS site online :-(