Ask Jeeves becomes more and more active....

Seems like Ask Jeeves has awaken or something. Last week they aquired Bloglines and now a posting appeared on MozillaZine about talks between the Mozilla Foundation and Ask Jeeves about possible cooperations. Keywords: Plugins and Desktop Search. IMO it is great that now all the bigger Search Engine Providers - or whatever you want to call this kind of service provider ;-) - now have or at least are thinking about extensions for Firefox.

In the Ask Jeeves weblog Tuoc Luong also mentioned ideas of co-branding of extending Firefox with Ask Jeeves specific functionality. I’m not quite sure what exactly he wants to add to Firefox but I’d expect some kind of mix between the Google bar and the extension SpeakEasy have released for their customers.

I don’t really know Ask Jeeves and have only used one or two times in my life, but I think it’s great when companies try to collaborate instead of just buying other companies ;-) In this case Ask Jeeves has done both and I’m really quite curious what comes next. Perhaps a nicer layout ;-)