... Horst "zeroK" Gutmann

My name is Horst Gutmann and once again: Welcome to my homepage ;-) I'm currently a student at the university of Klagenfurt (Austria) where I study computer science. In my free time I help people setting up their phpBB as member of the support staff on phpBB.com or post on my weblog ;-)

... zerokspot.com

zerokspot.com is my little website where I keep the world informed about myself since summer 2003. The site currently contains only a weblog and this about page. In previous versions I also had an image gallery but until I have this style applied to it, I won't link it from the main page :-)


I'm not responsible for the content of pages behind links posted here. I also disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information provided on zerokspot.com and all subsites.

This site is a personal homepage and so I also reserve the right to remove comments made on any posts/comments posted on the bulletin board or on the weblog as I see fit. Same goes for banning/locking user-accounts.


Horst Gutmann
Am Birkengrund 13
A-9073 Viktring
zerok [at] zerokspot [dot] com