My Technorati problems :-(

Seems like since I’ve updated to WordPress 1.5, Technorati doesn’t index anymore. I’ve already tried it with manually pinging and adding an additional entry into the auto-ping form but without any success :-( First I thought that the whole pinging thing doesn’t work anymore, but then I noticed, that Feedster still indexes this site. It doesn’t have the latest entries but anyway :-?

I’ve already quickly scanned through the source code for pinging sites and it at least looks good (after just reading over it since I had no time for testing it). I really wonder where the problem is but I hope I can find and solve it soon.

Small update

It seems like Technorati is pinged but somehow doesn’t index new posts here anymore. I checked right after I made a new post and was listed in the 100 recent pings :-?