Linuxday 2005

Today was once again a Linuxday in Klagenfurt. This time the whole event took place in the southern building of the University of Klagenfurt where people could attend workshops and talks about Wikis, GIMP, mail servers, software development tools and more :-)

There was also planned something about software patents but was replaced with a deeper introduction by Michael Prokop (who has also made an entry about the Linuxday on his weblog) of Google and about some of its current problems, risks and so on. It was very informative and quite fun esp. at the end when people asked some quite … redundant questions that (at least most of them) had already been answered before g

The whole event didn’t consist only of talks and workshops but also of some companies that wanted to present themselves on this Linux convention… although I’m not really sure, what some of these companies had to do with Linux or Free Software …

I really hope that the next Linuxday in Klagenfurt will be a little bit longer, bigger and perhaps not only organized by the university and the HTL Mössingerstrasse but also by some other institutions (and companies) :-)