Zen Garden design 01

FrozenPath previewYou probably already know the CSS Zen Garden where people get a fixed HTML page and only change the look and feel of the page by altering the CSS. Well, I’m not a designer but I was a little bit motivated and made a small design based on this HTML file. It’s probably not good or something but I still had a great time (esp. later with the selectors in CSS 2.1 :P ) ;-)

My little … should I really call this a CSS Zen Garden? ;-)

As you see the URL is quite generic because I plan to upload there more designs. If you’re looking for good example of how you can use CSS to design your page, then by all means don’t click this link but instead go to the original :-)

If you still opened my page and want to know more about the elements used there (esp. the source of the really beautiful “frozen path” :-) ) then check out the style sheet.