A new semester

Tomorrow is the beginning of a the new semester here at the University of Klagenfurt which also means that perhaps I will have less time writing here. Besides studying I also have a more or less full-time job until end of April and after that probably a half-time job. Could become quite stressy :-)

I will still try to post at least once every day but perhaps it will just sometimes end with a del.icio.us post :-( Let’s see :-)

My courses this time are:

  • System security

  • Database technologies

  • Operations research 1 (once again *g*)

  • Object oriented implementation of algorithms and data structures

  • “Grenzen des Formalen” (I don’t really know what this course is all about but it sounds quite philosophical :-) )

… so expect to see many links (and hopefully also some posts) about this topic in the months to come :-)