Looking for a wiki

I’m currently looking for a wiki for zerokspot.com but haven’t found one yet, that offers all the features I want :-( Here is a basic list of these features:

  • I want a way to keep guests from viewing specific pages

  • theme support

  • PHP5 (for my test environment)

  • lightweight

  • the produced markup should be as clean and as semantical as possible (esp. paragraphs instead of linebreaks please)

  • extensible

Until know I’ve tried following tools:

  • MediaWiki: Isn’t really lightweighted and also lacks (at least as far as I can tell) the page-based permissions system

  • WackoWiki: No PHP5 support yet and I honestly thought it was quite strange to reply to bugs in the bugtracker in russian when the original entry was in english :-? (PHP5 is the bigger problem though ;-) )

  • WikkaWiki: Linebreaks everywhere and no real theming

  • DokuWiki: This is probably as close as it can get to what I need. I think the only thing missing here is the extension system :-?

Tomorrow I will probably also check PukiWiki (although the missing english documentation could make this a little adventure on its own ;-) ). I currently really don’t know which system to use :-( Any other recommendations?