No Wiki for now

I think I will postpone the whole Wiki thing here… After also trying PukiWiki I’m really not sure which software to use. Perhaps the best for me would be something like MoinMoin but the problem here is, that I have no CGI available on one of the servers I’m using here and also no mod_python or FastCGI.

Perhaps I will still find some alternatives but for now I don’t have the time for things like that :-( So I will probably stick with my current site structure:

  • Weblog for short articles and your usable weblog stuff

  • DocBook and LaTeX (yeah, probably somewhen in the near future ;-) ) for longer articles. They will be announced here, where comments can be posted :-)

The only disadvantages I see in this solution is the lack of a full-text search functionality and some versioning, but perhaps I’m motivated in the near future … wrong wording…. motivation is probably not the problem but the lack of free time ;-)