Gnome-2.10 hopefully tomorrow

Tomorrow will hopefully the day of Gnome 2.10, the new cycle release of the Gnome project. A few months ago I already used a development snapshot while using Ubuntu Hoary and I really liked it. True, it wasn’t as stable as 2.8.x and the menu system was more or less broken, but I was quite suprised about how good it was for a dev snapshot ;-)

All of the new features listed in the sneak preview by Davyd Madeley look really nice, but honestly I’m only looking forward to the new menu system. Is there now a menu editor? If not, I will perhaps just make myself some small shellscripts or something like that, but at least it’s another step in the direction of a completely standardized desktop.

Since I had no time to follow the development of this new release I’m sure there will be some suprises for me the moment I start the new desktop, but hopefully only positive ones ;-) I just hope, the new packages will be soon in Gentoo ~x86 … tomorrow would be nice :-)