KoRn - Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Album coverAfter adding some CDs to my music collection last week I want to write at least a short review about one of them: The first greatest hits collection of KoRn. I only have 2 albums of KoRn before getting this collection but I really came to like this band because of their quite unique style of Rock and also because of Jonathan Davis' vocals.

The CD has tracks from the last 10 years of KoRn including master pieces like Freak on a Leash and Right now. But if you think that this album only includes songs you already have in your collection, think again ;-) “Greatest Hits Vol. 1” also includes two new tracks:

  • Word Up!
  • Another Brick in the Wall

Both of them are covers but sound really great. I actually bought this album because of Word Up! after hearing a preview of it on Amazon.

After hearing it a few times I also really like Alone I break which IMO doesn’t really sound like your usual KoRn-song but feels somehow much more … atmospherical. I can’t really write much about the other tracks since I hadn’t a lot of time listening to them yet or already know them from other albums I have (Y’all want a single, Did my time, Make me bad and Falling away from me, which I really love).

The album also comes with a DVD that includes videos of some live performance. Sorry, had no time to what them yet :-(

So if you haven’t enough KoRn in your music collection yet, get this album … or at least first check out the track-previews for example on amazon :-)

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