Star Trek: A New Frontier - Stone and Anvil

Cover PhotoThe 14th book of “The New Frontier” is all about a crime that Ensign Janos seems to have committed on the U.S.S. Trident. Calhoun and Kebron refuse to accept this and so the story evolves into your usual Calhoun adventure ;-) Even the Enterprise has a guest appearance.

The story of this book is told in two times: The “now” time and the academy years of Calhoun and Shelby where the reader for example witnesses their first meeting and what they experiences during these four years.

If you like the previous episodes of adventures of the Excalibur and the Trident then you’ll probably also like this book. I haven’t read #13 yet, but I felt at home again after having read any book of the series for quite some time now. Peter David’s writing style is, as always, very entertaining and the characters are simply great. Just some of Calhouns of Kebrons statements are IMO worth buying this book ;-)

Now I just hope, that #13 will arrive soon so that I can start reading another “New Frontier” adventure :-)

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