How my iAudio G3 changed my life

Others would have written “How my iPod changed my life”. Sorry, but since I’m not really interested in AAC and using a tool to add music to a player I got an iAudio G3 which plays OGG Vorbis files. But enough of that.

Previously I had a Sony NE1 CD-based MP3 player which made it quite complicated to move music to my player. Because of this process I more or less always listened to the same music. Since I have my G3 I buy CDs again and simply move the files to the player. Now having to append to the last CD session or CD cleaning. Just moving.

Because of this ease I’ve started listening to music nearly all day. The moment I leave my office, there’s already music in my ears again… and not because my brain is buffering or something…

The strange thing is, not only that I hear more music, I also now listen to more different music. It’s like a whole new world of music opened to me, or the other way around. Before I had a real mobile player, I only listened to hip-hop and rock. Now I listen to nearly everything I can get simply because now I can listen to it whenever I want. I have more time at my disposal for listening to music.

…. Before I write even more trash a simple conclusion: If you don’t have a mobile music player yet: Get one :-)