Opera 8.0 final

Finally. Today Opera Software released version 8.0 of their web browser software. Since its first announcement last december I was really looking forward to this new release. The final version also seems the problem with redirected content which I’ve mentioned here. The only problem I still see is the startup time. v7 started nearly as fast as Firefox here, but Opera8 takes ages.

Hell, even the admin panel of WordPress now looks the same as in Firefox. Now the only thing that I’m missing in Opera is some kind of extensions system ;-) Not really that important in a so full-featured browser as Opera, but you never know what could be the next great idea for internet browsing :-)

Currently opera.com still shows 7.54 is the latest stable release, but v8.0final is already available on some mirrors such as 4any.org.

There is also already an article about the release on heise.de :-)