Originally I planned to give FeedBurner a try after reading this article on stopdesign. The benefits for me would be to reduce the bandwidth used by serving the feets and also to get some quite detailed statistics on if anyone reads them at all ;-)

So what happened to this plan? It was moved back at least for 1 day. Today (and eventually tomorrow) I have an exam to worry about and I’m still to focused on Flickr to currently find some time for other activities in my free time ;-) Tomorrow in the afternoon there is also the opening party of the Lakeside Park in Klagenfurt (where I spent my working hours ;-) ) and I want to at least take some photos there :-) As I said, I’m currently a little bit flickrized ;-)

So, if I find some time tomorrow evening I will probably start exploring FeedBurner after registering an account today. The only thing that makes me think again about this all is the time-out problem quite a few people have mentioned here. I also have some FeedBurner-served feeds in my list but never really experienced this problem. Another thing, that irritates me a little bit is the commercial aspect of FeedBurner. Besides offering free accounts, there seem to be also paid accounts with extra features. The problem I have with this is…. that I couldn’t find a feature list showing what’s in the basic account plan and what’s in the paid account plan ;-)