Problems solved and new plans

Updating Bash finally solved the $CMD problem so I could today finally start playing around with Ajax … and I really like it :-) I’m still far away from the tags support in WordPress, but this is only due to quite a lot of other work that has some higher priority for me currently ;-) But I will continue playing around with Ajax and hopefully I will have some time this weekend to get some real work on the WordPress tagging support done. The first from the outside visible changes will perhaps happen before since “tags” will only be categories which can be easily renamed to look like tags before implementing the backend ;-)

Small sidenote: Since yesterday I’m also using Spurl again (which doesn’t mean, that I don’t use anymore ;-) ). So I will perhaps also write a small script which does exactly what the service does now but with Spurl: It takes the bookmarks I made today and posts them to my blog. Depending on my timetable this could also happen before this weekend :-)