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This is a small live-demo of the spurl2blog script. Normally this should have been posted by the cron-daemon… but it wasn’t motivated. ;-) Since this is the initial dump it contains the last 100 links…. sorry ;-) Project Info - XML-RPC for PHP
Dive Into Python

Python manual

Schockwellenreiter - Python und das metaWeblog API
405: The Movie
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy :: Dolphin Sing-a-long

Before the weekend, Opera's CEO, Jon S. von Tetzchner boldy proclaimed at a company meeting that if download numbers of Opera 8 reached 1 million within four days he would swim from Norway to the USA [press release]. Opera's communications department could not resist the temptation, and made his statement public. As any respectable CEO and gentlemen, Mr. Tetzchner stands by his word

Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Learning vi -- the
Web Developer Extension on

feature rich Developer extension for mozillla


Instiki is a Wiki Clone (What is a wiki?) that’s so easy to setup and so pretty to look at, you’ll be wondering whether this is a real wiki at all.

Stopdesign | CSS Organization Tip 1: Flags

Tenere organizzati i propri file CSS.

Howtos in Rails
Red Vs Blue · News

Online machinima videos using Halo & The Sims 2. Absolutely hilarious.

Biometrie.pdf (application/pdf Object)
RFC: MetaWeblog API
I/O Redirection
Leitfaden_Biometrie.pdf (application/pdf Object)
20040513_Biometrie.pdf (application/pdf Object)

a free web-based RSS/Atom aggregator with tagging and bookmarks

Python Tricks: Timeout a function
Python Codeschnipsel: urllib mit Timeout
FCKeditor - The text editor for Internet

WYSIWYG Editor for HTML Forms


Multiply makes it easier to share information such as photos, journals ("blogs") and classified listings with the people in your life, and find information you need from friends of friends.

Wetware: Coming to terms with tags: folksonomies, tagging systems and human information

An article about the role of tagging and other human information in the future of search.

Collin Grady » Flickr Notes
portalocker - Cross-platform (posix/nt) API for flock-style file locking.
Eiffel Tower Paris France
Earth View
16.6. Dynamically importing modules
Rojo - Your news, your way

Rojo (pronounced like Mojo with an R) is a web-based service dedicated to helping Internet users efficiently manage online content and information flow. - greasemonkey: index

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML (

Main Page - Memory Alpha

Star Trek Wiki

WMI Project : Home

An interesting new window manager.


Kupu is a 'document-centric' open source client-side editor for Mozilla, Netscape and Internet Explorer.

AJAX Matters - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and XMLHTTP development information

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and XMLHTTP development information

Essential bookmarks for web designers and web developers

the most useful web-sites, which make the life of web designers easier.

limp bizkit
tecosystems: How to Get Into Blogs, 101

Great article about how to read weblogs the fast way

Free Programming and Computer Science Books

A collection of technology books that can be downloaded or accessed on the web for free.

Essential Fonts For Designers | 300 Free Truetype Fonts You Should Have

300 Free Truetype Fonts You Should Have

O’Reilly CodeZoo

CodeZoo exists to help you find high-quality, freely available, reusable components, getting you past the repetitive parts of coding, and onto the rest and the best of your projects. It’s a fast-forward button for your compiler.

Version Control with Subversion

complete book

Open Source Web Design

community of designers and site owners sharing free web design templates as well as web design information

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