NIN: With Teeth

NIN: With TeethAfter reading some good reviews about this album I decided to give the Nine Inch Nails a try. So I went to the next record store this morning and got their new album “With Teeth”. Since this is my first album of this band please bear with my lack of background information ;-) I only knew the name before and I also knew the soundtrack of Quake 1.

Now I had nearly 12 hours of listening to their music and getting used to it… and I like it :-) If you are a NIN-fan please ignore the next sentense: The album sounds to me like a good mixture of A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson and Monster Magnet. I really like it :-)

I also found my favorite tracks ;-)

  • Sunspots
  • Every day is exactly the same

Both tracks are less rocky and more in a “Perfect Circle”-style with some “Depeche Mode” ;-) I also like most of the other tracks but these two a definitely my favorites for now. Perhaps listening to A Perfect Circle exclusively for about a week has changed my taste of music g

But the album has also a downside for me: There is no booklet, no bonus and only a paper case :-? Sure, I normally just put the case on my music stack but it’s still a little bit disappointing esp. when you consider that the MI now also started going against private people who post lyrics on their websites. Tomorrow I will hopefully get the eMOTIVe album of A Perfect Circle and hopefully at least with a booklet and not in one of these stupid paper cases :-(

About a rating… Perhaps I will add it later. I still need some time to get to this kind of music :-)


The CD was good enough to justify another NIN album for me ;-) I still haven't got really used to this kind of music but it's still worth a 9 IMO :-)

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