Giving E17 a try

E17 screenshot After seeing probably too many screenshots of the new Enlightenment window manager / desktop environement I wanted to test it myself and so I went to and looked at the manual on how to build E17 from CVS. Having build Gnome2.x manually 2 years ago I knew that I never wanted to build more than 5 packages in a row without some kind of automation g So I wrote a small script that downloads and builds all the packages listed here in the specified order. The script doesn’t work 100% but it still helped a lot to speed the whole installation up. If you still want it, please post in the comment section :-)

So far so good. Then I added the new /opt/e17/bin folder to my path and started E17. Nice. Graphically E17 is really a masterpiece IMO. The icons are nice, the animations are beautiful and there is enough eye candy to fill two candy shops.

On the other hand, there are enough places where you notice that this all is still in heavy development: For example as far as I can see there is no way to change the keybindings and there is no such thing as alt+tabbing.

E17 has quite good chances to become my new favorite wm when it will go final… and here comes the problem ;-)